Registration fee for the ICER

  1. The registration fee

    : 50,000 KRW($50) for non-student, 20,000 KRW($20) for graduates and no fee for undergraduates.

      Early Registration
      Regular registration
    • General

      USD 50
      KRW 50,000
      USD 70
      KRW 70,000
    • Graduate Student

      USD 20
      KRW 20,000
      USD 30
      KRW 30,000
    • Undergraduate Student

    • If you are in financial trouble because of COVID 19, please contact us to waive your fee(

    • Regular registration fee is payable in Korean Won or US Dollars.

    • Cancellation policy for the 22nd ICER registration payment
      Cancel before 5pm Sep. 21st, 2022 (GMT +9:00) : 80% refund
      - Cancel before 5pm Oct. 12th, 2022 (GMT +9:00) : 50% refund
      - Cancel request after 5pm Oct. 12th, 2022 (GMT +9:00) : no refund

    • Remittance fee will be deducted from the amount transferred.

    • If you are not available to use the registration links, please transfer your registration fee to the following account along with a note including your name. You might need information below.

      - Name of the bank: NongHyup Bank

      - Swift code: NACFKRSEXXX or NACFKRSE


      - Zip code: 04517

      - Recipient Account number: 079-01-462370

      - Recipient Name: Education research institute, Seoul national university

      - Phone number: 02-880-7615

    • After the transfer, please send us an email ( including the following information: name, affiliation, email, contact.

Click "Domestic Registration" or "Abroad Registration (Paypal)" to proceed.